Interfaith Speaker Mike Ghouse

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Interfaith Speaker Mike Ghouse

An interfaith Speaker, thinker, organizer and an activist committed to building cohesive societies with a firm belief that the purpose of religion is to bring harmony to an individual within and create a balance with what surrounds; life and matter. If we can learn to respect and accept everywhich way people have come to worship the creator, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

Mike is a frequent guest on Fox News, (The Hannity Show), and has been interviewed on nationally syndicated Radio shows along with Dallas TV, Print and Radio networks and occasional interviews on NPR. He is a member of the Texas Faith panel of Dallas Morning News and writes on issues facing the nation every week.  He has spoken at international forums including the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, in Melbourne, Australia, Middle East Peace Initiative, in Jerusalem, the International Leadership conference, in Hawaii, in Washington, and elsewhere.

Concerned by the divisiveness, he saw the need to bring Americans together and founded America Together Foundation committed to building a cohesive America, indeed it is in response to ACT America which is bent on pitching one American against the other. We will be holding series of educational programs, conferences and workshops to address the issues that divide us such as Civil Right, GLBT, Quraan, Abortion, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Racial Profiling and Stereotyping.

Religion is about humility and not arrogance; some day, I would like to see the interfaith dialogue reach its peak when every one of can declare that my religion is beautiful to me as yours is to you; my religion brings solace to me as yours to you and now I hereby proclaim that my religion is not superior or inferior to any, it is another pathway to find peace and I thank God for giving me the Guidance to proclaim that as far back as 2001. To claim mine is superior is arrogance, and spirituality and arrogance are inversely proportional to each other. Greater the arrogance lower the religiosity and vice-versa.

To be religious is to be a peace maker, one who seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence of humanity. God wants us to live in peace and harmony with his creation; Life and Matter. Over 1000 articles have been published on a range of topics on interfaith, pluralism and Islam. Many a videos have been produced on the topic and we are yet to upload them, here is one of the shortest one delivered at the City of Carrollton.

The Foundation for Pluralism champions the idea of co-existence by respecting and accepting the otherness of those different from ourselves. The World Muslim Congress is committed to nurturing the pluralistic ideals embedded in Islam, many are not aware that Islam teaches Pluralism.  Heavily involved in both, Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies and has produced outstanding public events to bring Americans together of different religions, ethnicities and races on common grounds of building a safe and secure America.
He is a speaker, thinker, collaborator and a writer on the subjects of Pluralism, the interfaith movement, cohesive societies, Islam, India, hope and world peace. Over 1000 articles of Mike’s have been published worldwide and two books are poised to be released this summer. His work is reflected in 4 websites and 27 Blogs indexed at

Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions to media and to the public on important and complex issues of the day and is available to speak in a variety of settings such as schools, seminars, conferences, and places of worship, or the work place. He welcomes all questions and will address the fears many have about Islam.  He welcomes questions concerning misunderstandings about violence (jihad) and women’s rights and other issues. 

Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916

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