Interfaith inspirations

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The lives of Prophet Mohammad, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Martin Luther King Jr., father Abdul Rahman, mother Khairun Nisa and maternal grand father Shaikh Hussain have profoundly inspired Mike. 
“My kids Jeff and Jazzie have excited me with their fresh perspectives on life and God. All my inspirers have frequently helped me see the world from another point of view, i.e., respecting all creation and “live and let live” point of view.  My intuitive pluralism and ZERO prejudice has it’s origins in Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and Christianity, many consider me to be a Baha’i. I was pleased to hear some one called me a Jew as well and I have been said by people of different faiths that I belong to them. Thanks to my  father for unlocking me from a singular cell and opening multiple windows of knowledge for me.”
Mike has always cherished Abe Lincoln’s statement “with malice towards none”, “practicing this gives me peace.” “A good Muslim is a good Hindu, is a good Christian, is a good Jew and is a good human being, the truth of goodness is the same. Reading Lincoln is my next project, as Obama is a follower of him.”
“The people who continue to impart wisdom to me are; Dale Carnegie, Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Karen Armstrong, Jiddu Krishnamurthy, H.H. Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr., H.H. Aga Khan, Reverend Moon, Allama Iqbal, Guru Nanak, Rabbi Gordis and a few others.  Let me clarify this, the simple reason for these particular names is my exposure to their work. I am open to learning from every possible source.”
Personally I have learned profound things from my bosses and friends over the last forty years and I would always acknowledge them.  Ed Nesbit, Kathy Joplin, Mike Davis and my teacher Abdul Hakim.
The ultimate in learning is when you become Brahma, to borrow from the Hindu philosophy, whence you do not have a barrier between you and what surrounds you. That is precisely what Qur’aan means when it asks you to submit to the will of God, Krishna means, surrender to him or Jesus, when he says follow me, you cannot go wrong with their advice and the wisdom of all other beautiful religions.
“Each one of the holy books nourish me in my quest for the truth.  It is quite inspiring to open each book and draw an enormous amount of wisdom from it.”
Discussions with his teachers during college days has formed the foundation for his outlook; the calm Shia-Sunni discussions between his father and Hussain Ali, or his grand father; and the passionate Hindu faith of A. Ramachandra, his English teacher; the irresistible logic of Mohamed Fakhru, his weaver friend. And interacting with wise people in Dallas has enriched him tremendously. The open mindedness of Swami Nityananda Prabhu of Hare Krishna Temple;  the comprehensiveness of  Imam Yusuf Zia Kavacki of Dallas Central Mosque reinforces his belief in how God is assessed and in the last few years, his friendship with Imam Zia Shaikh is nothing but a joy.  Each one of them is all about affection for life, Non-discriminatory caring, non-favoring one over the other for the heck of it other than good deeds, which Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] described as the good you can do to other beings, the goodness you bring to God’s creation.
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