Can Muslims and Christians Co-Exist?

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Yes, an overwhelming majority of Muslims and Christians have co-existed for nearly 1400 years, and will continue to do so. However a few among each one of them (less than 1/10th of 1%) are intolerant, not because of religion, but because they did not get their religion right.

There will always be rogues no matter what religion they wear, we have a choice to be dumb and blame the religion or be smart and blame the bad guys and punish them and restore trust in the society.  Barking at religion is useless – you cannot kill, beat, kick, slaughter, shoot, behead, hang of bury the religion, why bark at it?  

Mike Ghouse and Karen Hollie baptized at Baptismal site
What does this mean?  
Historical Event – Christmas and Milad celebrated for the first time in world history
by American Muslim Institution. 

Mike Ghouse praying at Jesus’ Grave
This flag was used by Egyptian Muslims and Christians in the early 20th century to signify their unity against the occupying British forces. It continues to symbolize Muslim-Christian unity.
Good religious people want the world to be a peace, want to get along with all – that is what kingdom of peace on earth means. Half-ass religious leaders are dividers, like the devil in the center of the two towers.

90% of people of any group are moderates, and do get along with others. 4.5% each is liberal and conservative, then there is 10th of 1% who are intolerant. No religion or group of people are free from that tiny group of people.

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