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 Dr. Mike Ghouse is an interfaith Speaker, writer, thinker, organizer and an activist committed to building cohesive societies.  The essence of religion is to bring harmony within an individual and with what surrounds him; life and matter.

Twitter.MikeGhouseThe purpose of interfaith dialogue is to understand each other, and not to proselytize or sell religion to the other.  In the more civilized groups, no one even makes an attempt to prove his or her faith is better.  We need to grow up and learn to respect the otherness of other faith. It is time for us to hear what a Hindu says about his faith and not what some one else tells it, or what a Muslim says about her faith rather than what a Zoroastrian, Sikh or a Jew defines it.  In my case, I have gone deeper, even if a Muslim says what Islam is, finding the truth is my own responsibility.

To be religious is to be a peace maker, someone who seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence of humanity. Indeed, God wants us to live in peace and harmony with his creation.

I am blessed to be open with all faith traditions, and I treat them as systems that are meant to help an individual achieve his or her own peace.

The best individual in the eyes of the God is the one who cares about his creation.  If you are the employer, the best employee is one who cares for your business, its assets and its smooth functioning.  That is really God’s bottom line.  If he were to ask you, did you destroy my creation or did you work hard to preserve it? Did you create disharmony and rattle up everyone and everything or did you contribute towards their peaceful living?

Religion is about humility and not arrogance; some day, I would like to see the interfaith dialogue reach its peak when every one of us can declare that my religion is beautiful to me as yours is to you; my religion brings solace to me as yours to you, and now I hereby proclaim that my religion is not superior or inferior to any, it is another pathway to find peace and I thank God for giving me the Guidance to proclaim that as far back as 2001. To claim mine is superior is arrogance, and spirituality and arrogance are inversely proportional to each other. Greater the arrogance lower the religiosity and vice-versa.

If we can learn to respect and accept every which way people have come to worship the creator, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.


Over 3000 articles have been published; of which nearly a 1000 are on interfaith and pluralism matters, 250 alone at Dallas Morning news and about 150 at Huffington post and the rest at several Newspapers and magazines. Another 1000 on many aspects of Islam, and the rest of the 1000+ on foreign policy, politics, tributes, sports, movies and cultural items.

700 Hours of Radio Show on “Wisdom of religion, all the beautiful religions” was aired in 2003-2004-2005.

26 Workshops, wisdom of Religions from Atheist to Zoroastrian and every one in between 2 sets of 13 workshops was organized in Dallas in 2004-2005.

I am blessed to be a part of every faith tradition; you can Google search the following phrases for amazing results.

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God has blessed me with the ability to stand up for everyone from Atheist to Zoroastrian and every one in between.   Check out www.StandingupforOthers.com

Mike is a frequent guest on Fox News, (The Hannity Show), and has been interviewed on nationally syndicated Radio shows along with Dallas TV, Print and Radio networks and occasional interviews on NPR. He is a member of the Texas Faith panel of Dallas Morning News and writes on issues facing the nation every week. He has spoken at international forums including the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, in Melbourne, Australia, Middle East Peace Initiative, in Jerusalem, the International Leadership conference, in Hawaii, in Washington, and elsewhere

Mike Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions to media and to the public on important and complex issues of the day and is available to speak in a variety of settings such as schools, seminars, conferences, and places of worship, or the work place. He welcomes all questions and will address the fears many have about Islam. He welcomes questions concerning misunderstandings about violence (jihad) and women’s rights and other issues.

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